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AllMasters launches platform for freight forwarders’ LCL export ops

This platform revolutionises freight forwarding with reduced booking rates and real-time tracking

AllMasters launches platform for freight forwarders’ LCL export ops

TN Seetharaman, Co-founder, AllMasters at the product launch 

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AllMasters, a digital freight consolidation platform specialising in Less Than Container Load (LCL) exports, has unveiled its newest solution tailored to address the challenges encountered by freight forwarders in the industry.

Launched on February 23, 2024, this platform with a patented “Dynamic Distribution Model” aims to revolutionise the logistics landscape by providing a platform to freight forwarders for booking shipments at substantially reduced rates compared to prevailing market prices with a real-time tracking solution.

During the launch in Mumbai, TN Seetharaman, co-founder of AllMasters, emphasised the potential of the platform within the freight forwarding sector. He stated, "The question arises as to why focus on LCL when the Full Container Load (FCL) business dominates. LCL comprises only 8% of global trade volume in sea freight, yet it is controlled by a handful of entities. However, global LCL freight, currently standing at approximately 140 million cubic meters, is expected to reach 250 million cubic meters by 2028, driven by the force of e-commerce. The rise of e-commerce has empowered the manufacturers, allowing them to access global markets with ease, thanks to logistics service providers."

Despite the dominance of FCL in global trade, freight forwarders face fierce competition from various stakeholders. Seetharaman acknowledged these challenges, highlighting the industry's shift towards more transactional models and the pivotal role of credit in securing shipments.

“Many industry players fail to fully comprehend the intricacies of LCL shipments, often delegating such responsibilities downstream. This oversight contributes to a significant power disparity within the industry, with a handful of consolidators controlling 70% of the market, leaving thousands of freight forwarders to compete for the remaining 30%,” he added.

In addition to the recent launch, AllMasters is also set to introduce a range of new products, including air freight services, an innovative solution for exporting cold chain LCL cargo via its own consolidations, Less Than Truck Load (LTL) options, the industry's first consolidation service for hazardous cargo or dangerous goods (Haz Consol), tailored third-party integrations with ERP and CRM systems, and an AI-powered, state-of-the-art Container Load Plan software developed in-house as a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution.

AllMasters, established in July 2023, was co-founded by Kathiresan Eswaramurthy and TN Seetharaman, each bringing decades of expertise in the logistics and supply chain sector. Eswaramurthy, formerly the Founding Member & COO of FreightBro, is known for his proficiency in P&L Management and in the LCL domain. On the other hand, Seetharaman has held positions at TransWorld Logistics, Damco (now Maersk), Toll Global Forwarding India, and DHL Global Forwarding.

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