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Jeena & Co enhances pharma logistics with GDP compliance certification

Jeena and Company acquired the internationally coveted Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification, from  ISOQAR, a part of ISO, the global standardisation leader. 

Jeena & Co enhances pharma logistics with GDP compliance certification
Cyrus Katagra, partner, Jeena " Co

December 15, 2021: Jeena & Company acquired the internationally coveted Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification, from ISOQAR, a part of ISO, the global standardisation leader.

The GDP certification, awarded for compliance with strict safety and quality standards with respect to pharma products distribution, authorises the regulatory protocols for distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, as per stringent distribution standards. The company was granted the GDP certificate after an independent assessment of the quality measures in place by the competent authorities. The company has successfully fulfilled all the conditions and requirements of GDP compliance by following quality standards pertaining to the storage facilities and vehicles and equipment used for distribution so as to ensure packaging integrity and stability of the pharmaceutical products.

In the back drop of Covid and the rise of temperature sensitive life-saving medicines and vaccines, the significance of GDP certification has increased many folds, especially in the case of international pharma supply chains. In line with this, as an industry leader, Jeena & Co., through its Jeena Criticare, has been on the forefront of accelerated adoption of technology and best practices, to drive effective pharma supply chains. The GDP certification is part of the company’s efforts towards strict compliance is an effective step to tackle temperature-controlled supply chain challenges.

Cyrus Katagra, partner, Jeena & Co., said, “As a logistic leader with focused interest in pharma and healthcare, we are aware of the responsibility and the role that an effective pharma supply chain has in the fight against the global pandemic. We are committed to ensure implementation of a consistent quality management system throughout the entire supply chain with every ASE (Actual Standard Error) performed on time, whether it is the delivery of the raw materials, manufacturing of the products or the shipment of the products to the customers. Further, with the certification, we aim to strengthen our global presence in the EU, as it is now in compliance with the stringent safety and hygiene requirements for non-refrigerated transportation of medicines for human use. The EU legislation mandates GDP compliance for wholesale of medicines anywhere in the EU and we hope to strengthen its supply chain across the world with the newly acquired GDP certification.”

With the certification, Jeena & Co, aims to address reputational, litigation, and financial risks for pharma manufacturers, and meet the diverse, sophisticated needs of pharmaceutical products manufacturers as every procedure follows international quality standards established for storage and distribution. India’s logistics sector has been fragmented and largely unregulated which widens the gap between domestic and global supply chains. Jeena & Co. believes that regulatory compliances such as GDP can make supply chains more efficient, paving the way for logistics optimization. Traceability and quality are two critical issues plaguing the Indian supply chain and GDP compliance can catalyze a positive change in the supply chain landscape.

The company is optimistic that this certification can enhance customer satisfaction with better quality assurance. The quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products across the supply chain are better managed with standardized regulations governing the distribution. As India’s last-mile delivery network is largely fragmented, compliance with international standards can be challenging for logistics companies but beneficial in the long run for the entire pharma industry.

With strict emphasis on quality, storage standards, product transportation, specialized warehousing and tracing, Jeena & Co. looks forward to expanding its services and amplifying its efforts towards enhanced distribution of products. The company abides by international market standards and wants to extend its services to pharmaceutical manufacturers committed to follow good distribution practices.

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