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ECS Group launches "New Abilities"  as pillar 2 of Augmented GSA concept

ECS Group today announced the welcome to pillar 2 of the group’s new Augmented GSA concept: New Abilities.

ECS Group launches "New Abilities" as pillar 2 of Augmented GSA concept

February 7, 2022: ECS Group today announced the welcome to pillar 2 of the group’s new Augmented GSA concept: New Abilities.

"ECS Group’s New Abilities are the result of more than 20 years of GSA experience across more than 50 countries, in combination with visionary thinking and the desire to go beyond what any GSSA has done before," reads the release.

These are individual support options that cover a hitherto unmatched service scope – a unique set of à-la-carte products available to customers with or without an ECS Group GSA contract.

“The air cargo world is undergoing massive disruption – something that was already becoming visible prior to the pandemic. Digitalisation as well as emerging digital platforms, ever-developing safety and security regulations, the e-commerce boom, greater cargo community collaboration, multimodal… All these factors and more are leading to changes in age-old air cargo processes. The traditional GSA model is no longer enough,” Adrien Thominet, ECS Group Executive Chairman, explains. “Our ambition, as the leading worldwide GSSA, is to offer maximum support to our customers in this changing environment, as and where they require it. We have therefore spent the past three to four years committed to structuring our widespread expertise and improving and developing innovative, high value-added service modules. With our New Abilities, we provide a comprehensive set of service solutions that can be purchased individually, whether or not the customer has a GSA contract with us.”

“All-In” is an improvement on ECS Group’s established Total Cargo Management Solution, covering the full scope of cargo processes from sales, marketing, revenue optimisation, operations, interline management, claims handling, all the way through to chartering operations. Yet, that is just one of the ten New Abilities. Single services, such as “Quality Stars” offering back-office data administration, or “Optimum” assisting airlines in maximizing their cargo revenues, are also available alongside modules that have never before been offered by a GSA. “ECS Inside”, for example, which supports with staffing requirements, or “Brainflow” consultancy services, and “Spotlight” for comprehensive marketing concepts.

All ten New Abilities will be introduced over the coming weeks.

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