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TagBox provides AssetLens solution to Rebel Foods for temp monitoring

Rebel to get complete visibility of cold chain storage conditions, temperature compliance & kitchen efficiency.

TagBox provides AssetLens solution to Rebel Foods for temp monitoring

Bengaluru-based TagBox will be providing its AssetLens solution to Rebel Foods for real-time temperature, door-open and power consumption monitoring.

"The solution comprising of IoT devices like Tag360 sensors to monitor temperature, door-open and energy consumption, TagHub gateways and the AssetLens software platform, will be helping Rebel Foods get complete visibility of the quality of cold chain storage conditions, temperature compliance, and kitchen operational efficiency," according to an official statement issued by TagBox.

Adarsh Kumar, CEO, TagBox, says: "All organisations dealing with perishable foods need to be additionally vigilant about the temperature conditions in which raw material and finished goods are being moved and stored. Most organisations do get temperature records from transporters when goods are in transit. However, for kitchens, retail stores or warehouses, companies are still reliant on local staff to monitor the temperature of chillers, freezers or cold rooms manually and record it in a register for audit purposes. This method is prone to manual errors, data recording gaps, data loss, or worse, data tampering. Any quality-driven organisation should be aiming to get automated, central control-tower visibility of every cold chain asset in their portfolio. Rebel Foods has been one such organisation, and we are excited to deploy our cold storage monitoring system in their kitchens."

Uday Mahajan, SVP Engineering, Rebel Foods, added: "At Rebel Foods we are committed to providing our customers with a safe, consistent and high quality experience. A critical element of this is maintaining all our SKUs at the correct temperature. This is also mandated by FSSAI, which requires us to monitor and log the temperature of our cold storage equipment once per day. With TagBox, we are able to eliminate this manual process and achieve real time accurate temperature monitoring of our equipment, with automated alerts sent to the kitchen staff and maintenance personnel in the event of any deviations."

The AssetLens platform has in-built features like live temperature compliance score for all assets in the network, real-time alarms for temperature excursions, asset on/off status and abnormal door-open count or duration, the statement said. Additionally, AssetLens provides various analytics and reporting modules that help identify systemic failure points like above average energy consumption of specific assets, "which could be a predictive signal for asset malfunction or store SOP non-compliance like overstocking."

Founded in 2011 by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee, Rebel Foods is home to brands like Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, Ovenstory Pizza and Mandarin Oak. Rebel Foods currently operates 45+ brands across 10 countries - India, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah), the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

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