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iThink launches weight discrepancy management dashboard

Dashboard to enable e-comm sellers with real-time solutions for weight discrepancies, boosting operational efficiency

iThink launches weight discrepancy management dashboard
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iThink Logistics, a Mumbai-based integrated logistics and supply chain solutions provider, announced the launch of its innovative weight discrepancy management Dashboard.

The dashboard is designed to help e-commerce sellers manage and resolve weight discrepancies with ease, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of e-commerce sellers, says an official release.

"Weight discrepancy has long been a significant pain point for e-commerce sellers, causing a host of operational and financial challenges. This issue arises when there is a mismatch between the weight of a package recorded by an e-commerce seller and the weight measured by the logistics partner during the shipping process. Such discrepancies can occur due to inaccurate scales, human error or package tampering, and they can lead to financial losses for sellers through overcharges for shipping costs, affecting profit margins and potentially resulting in penalties."

iThink's solution seamlessly integrates with existing e-commerce platforms and logistics systems, eliminating the need for extensive modifications, the release added. "This ensures a user-friendly experience for sellers without disrupting their existing workflows. Easy data synchronisation between sellers and logistics partners guarantees accurate weight measurements, fostering clear communication and reducing the potential for billing disputes."

Zaiba Sarang, Co-Founder, iThink Logistics says: "iThink Logistics has always looked to improve the functioning of the logistics ecosystem in total by targeting the most common issues that create inconvenience. The weight discrepancy management dashboard is our latest attempt to address a significant inconvenience faced by many logistics companies and e-commerce sellers. We believe this dashboard will greatly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction."

iThink Logistics, an end-to-end shipping SaaS platform for D2C brands that services 26,000+ pin codes in India and 180 countries, reported a revenue of Rs 104 crore in 2023-24.

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