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How this entrepreneur expanded family trucking business with Amazon

Operating in three established routes, Amarnath Banik’s logistics network spans the entirety of the Northeast region, encompassing 13 cities such as Guwahati, Tinsukia, Shillong, and Kohima, among others.

How this entrepreneur expanded family trucking business with Amazon

Amarnath Banik, director, Amarnath Paribahan

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Amarnath Banik, a 38-year-old entrepreneur from Guwahati transformed his family trucking business from a fleet of of 50 trucks and 60 drivers to 200 trucks and 250 drivers by joining hands with Amazon.

“His journey with Amazon's trucking partner programme has not only transformed his family's trucking business but has also helped his company earn a stellar reputation for navigating the unique geographical and infrastructural challenges of the region, making them an ideal partner,” the Amazon release reads.

It also reads, “The rugged terrain in north-east India presents many challenges for truckers but is also filled with economic opportunities. Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds are venturing into the industry to serve the growing needs of the e-commerce and logistics industry, gradually paving the way for robust transportation networks.”

Amarnath's entrepreneurial journey began at an early age, kindled by the environment of his family's successful trucking business established in 1984. In 2006, he joined his father’s business, and by 2015, he had established strong collaborations with several e-commerce companies, recognizing the potential of serving the growing online retail sector.

The turning point came in 2019 when Amarnath learned about Amazon’s trucking partner programme. To expand his business, he partnered with Amazon, initiating operations with a modest fleet of 50 trucks and 60 drivers. Over the years, the business expanded into an impressive fleet exceeding 200 trucks and boasting a dedicated team of over 250 drivers. Operating in three established routes, his logistics network spans the entirety of the Northeast region, encompassing 13 cities such as Guwahati, Tinsukia, Shillong, and Kohima, among others.

Abhinav Singh, vice president, operations, Amazon India, says, “Amarnath’s remarkable journey as an Amazon trucking partner is an excellent example of the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our nation’s progress. He has transformed not only his family business, but also the logistics landscape for the region and has enabled Amazon in delivering its promise of seamless deliveries to customers in many parts of north east India.”

Reflecting on his transformative partnership with Amazon, Amarnath Banik, director, Amarnath Paribahan shares, "Being a part of Amazon's trucking programme has not only boosted my business but also provided me with unparalleled opportunities. Their support has allowed me to grow my business quickly while also improving our skills and knowledge. Amazon has provided me a versatile range of technology-driven products and value-added services (VAS). Leveraging VAS has empowered the growth of my business by facilitating convenient access to finance at reduced interest rates. This initiative has created opportunities that has significantly contributed to the expansion of my business.

The release added, “Navigating through the northeast region presents several challenges, including landslides and heavy monsoon rains. These difficulties become particularly pronounced during peak seasons or events like Prime Day and the Great India Festival, when there is a surge in order demand. However, Amazon's trucking partners overcome the daily challenges with local ties, skilled drivers, and a strong contingency plan. Amarnath ensures driver safety with backup routes, regular health check-ups, and comprehensive accident insurance, showcasing its unwavering commitment to drivers' safety. He possesses a deep understanding of Amazon's array of technologies. For instance, he utilizes the Relay app (Relay for carrier and Relay for driver). Relay for Carrier gives visibility on all his trips and performance in real-time. Relay for Drivers streamlines check-in, checkout, and real-time communication during contingencies, ensuring immediate support. Amarnath’s strength extends beyond his professional success and lies within his family. His wife efficiently handles the company's finances, adding to their shared entrepreneurial journey. Backed by Amazon, Amarnath pioneers into new territories, embodying determination, collaboration, and technology's boundless possibilities in entrepreneurship.”

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