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EVIFY partners up with CREDUCE to attain carbon neutrality

Evify aims to leverage CREDUCE's tradable super sustainability blockchain token – KICHEE – to reduce carbon footprint.

EVIFY  partners up with CREDUCE to attain carbon neutrality

EVIFY aims to offset their calculated and estimated Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from 2021 till December 2022, which totals to about 270 tons of CO2 equivalent. Image credit: EVIFY

EVIFY, one of India's fastest-growing tech-backed EV logistics startups for last-mile delivery, has entered into a partnership with CREDUCE – a pioneer in climate change mitigation technologies and a global carbon credit advisory with a rapidly growing carbon portfolio.

CREDUCE has launched KICHEE – the world's first tradable super sustainability blockchain token. The partnership will enable EVIFY to reduce its carbon footprint and accelerate sustainability in India.

This association with CREDUCE will propel EVIFY's vision to become one of India's top carbon-neutral EV logistic startups. This joint venture also allows EVIFY to showcase its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Besides this, the company also aims to offset their calculated and estimated Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from 2021 till December 2022, which totals to about 270 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Commenting on the development, EVIFY's Co-founder and CMO, Pragya Mittal, said, "From the very inception, we were determined to convert our fleet to carbon negative, and CREDUCE has given us an exciting new opportunity to fulfil our commitment through a completely new concept. KICHEE is an exciting crypto instrument which enables us to smoothly adopt a carbon neutral investment."

Founder of CREDUCE, Shailendra, said, "In a world that is heading towards digitisation, decentralisation, and democratisation, the future belongs to tokens like KICHEE. Past instances clearly indicate incremental trends in the prices of such tokens."

"Partnering with EVIFY is very heartening and would be a great beginning for CREDUCE in helping fight climate change. This should also encourage other corporations to take steps to neutralise their carbon footprints, "Shailendra added.

KICHEE aims to become the first ever super sustainability credit. By burning it, one reduces its footprint on many fronts, not just carbon. Each KICHEE Token represents 100 kgs of CO2 or equivalent averted emission in a given year. Every KICHEE token minted is audited by the authorized Blockchain Auditor. It will also fuel other sectors like gaming, metaverse, trading, barter, offsetting emissions, gifting, the entertainment sector, etc. KICHEE credits are certified by the Universal Carbon Registry (UCR) and derived from various projects in India and the world.

CREDUCE has been hand holding and providing services to empower and help people and businesses manoeuvre to live a 'carbon conscious' life. They aim to enable individuals and businesses to have a smooth transition towards adopting a carbon-neutral life and to unleash the financial value of every tonne of carbon emission reduced. The motto is to welcome the upcoming era, which is an era of the "Low Carbon Economy." CREDUCE has a very wide presence with projects located in the Pan Indian States and globally. They strive for a world where businesses, governments, and communities make climate action the new normal.

EVIFY provides green logistics solutions, operating with only electric vehicles (2W & 3W) for Intra-city/local deliveries to e-commerce giants and food tech companies. EVIFY is through and through a Tech-Logistics company with a conscience about the environment. EVIFY also helps bring down the overall cost of freight by about 30% for these logistics companies along with fulfilling their mandate for reducing their carbon emissions falling under scope 3. EVIFY has started its operations from Surat and plans to launch in Ahmedabad in the near future. The company targets to have a fleet of 2,000 vehicles by the end of March 2023.

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