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Ecom Express opens 60th fulfilment centre in India

Spread across 90,000 square feet, it is the first grocery fulfilment centre in Punjab.

Ecom Express opens 60th fulfilment centre in India
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Ecom Express today announced the expansion of its fulfilment network by setting up its fulfilment centre in Chandigarh. This will be the Company’s first grocery fulfilment centre in Punjab and 60th fulfilment centre in India.

The new grocery centre in Chandigarh sprawls across an area of approximately 90,000 sq. ft. The site has been selected for its strategic location-based network centricity. It is designed to support over 30 dark stores to supply grocery items on demand, speed to market and customers. With this growth, the grocery chain will be able to serve a wider range of customers and transport their orders to towns in neighbouring states and the region more quickly.

The facility has a value creation area that provides labelling, packaging, and dispatch services, with an average inventory of close to 2.8 million items and processing capacity to handle up to 270,000 units of throughput per day at full capacity. Modern Vertical Reciprocal Conveyors (VRCs) lifts, and spiral conveyors with long-span multi-tier shelving will optimise the operations to give high mobility and speed in the movement of items. Furthermore, with a temperature-controlled system, up to -20 degrees, the facility can handle fruit and vegetable operations with fewer chances of wastage.

K. Satyanarayana, co-founder & director, Ecom Express, said, "We are investing heavily in technology, design, solutions, logistics, and infrastructure, as well as in seller enablement. We are also focused on developing a strong and resilient fulfilment network in Punjab. Our commitment to working with the state in accelerating fantastic growth and generating job opportunities for local youth is demonstrated by our continuous efforts to grow. Not only will this centre expand our client’s reach but will also help extend our business capabilities.’’

More than 500 people will work at the new fulfilment centre to manage the growing volume of grocery orders. The company will make sure that 30% of workers in the Chandigarh facility are women in order to have a gender-balanced workforce. The company has 10% women representation in its top management and runs 6 all-women delivery centres as well.

The company's fulfilment network facilities are created with energy-saving solutions. The new centre incorporates several sustainability features, including a sewage treatment facility, rainwater harvesting, and safety features including fire detection, suppression, and suppression system, as well as employee evacuation procedures.

The company’s fulfilment service vertical caters to B2B and B2C models and serves various industries, including fashion, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, consumer electronics and many more.

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