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We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn't be in this business. Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Softlink Global, speaks to Indian Transport and Logistics News (ITLN) about how connected logistics on the cloud is going to drive profitability for a

Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Softlink Global
Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Softlink Global

We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn't be in this business. Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Softlink Global, speaks to Indian Transport and Logistics News (ITLN) about how connected logistics on the cloud is going to drive profitability for all stakeholders in the value chain.

What is your assessment of how the freight forwarding industry is evolving in the digital era?
A Freight Forwarders is an agent of shipper or consigned who coordinates with various logistics service providers like carriers, packers, transporter, warehouse operators etc to ensure successful and on time delivery of goods. Airfreight forwarders has to use his knowledge and skill to navigate through complex regulatory processes of various countries to ensure smooth transaction.

Business requirements makes it necessary that a freight forwarders has to collate and segregate scattered information spread across various entities across various geographies. Managing huge amount of data with tight deadline is key to succes. It is this requirement which is making it necessary to adopt technology which makes it possible to share data in real time. Shippers are increasingly becoming more and more demanding and expect full transparency across shipment life cycle. They have realized that DIGITALIZING is the only solution to ensure error free, on time deliveries.

Our Next Generation Cloud Applications, Logi-Sys can not only streamline entire end to end operations but can create virtual community where all the authorized business users and partners can have visibility and access to their entire data and information which can ensure seamless operation across supply chain. Web based application can be accessed in real-time on any device be it laptop, tablets or smartphone. Logistics is 24X7 activity which makes it important to have access to information from anywhere anytime.

How does Softlink through its software propose to build profitability for its customers?
Softlink’s latest ERP platform Logi-Sys enables to manage end to end operations of the logistics business right from an enquiry to delivery with automated financial control and customer interaction on a single dashboard. The system automatically removes the duplication of data, eliminates bottlenecks of operations by providing complete visibility and transparency in the day to day business activities. Logi-sys facilitates easy integration of processes such as entry of data, managing compliance documents and sales and CRM activities digitally to reduce the man hours and helps to improve the employee efficiency by over 40%. Logi-Sys has built in accountingmodule which monitors credit, cash-flow and payment cycle to ensure greater financial controls. Tax compliances of more than 40 countries makes Logi-Sys unique application that can be used across globe. Timely and accurate invoice coupled with automated payment follow up improves payment cycles considerably. Enhance Productivity, Consistency in Service and Faster Customer response results into happy Shipper which translates into higher profits.

How do you look at the current level of technology adoption in India’s logistics sector?
Logistics industry is the backbone of the any economy and according to World Bank Logistics Performance Index, India’s logistics rank has moved from 54th position in 2014 to 35th rank in 2018. One of the main reasons for this jump is business friendly reforms by government. Even after jumping 20 places we still rank behind many developed economies. Today India is among top seven economies of the world and it is important that logistics companies increase technology adoption to take advantage of reforms in the sector to make Indian exports further competitive.

Today, technology scenario is changing. Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoTs) and Artificial Intelligence are going to drive radical operational changes in the logistics and supply chain industry. The success of the logistics operators heavily depends on the faster adoption of the latest technology which can drive lower costwith better service.

Being a pioneer in the logistics software, Softlink is continuously innovating to meet the dynamic market changes & customer demands. To enable our customers to be at the top of competition we use our deep understanding of the industry over two decades and we are helping logistics companies to digitalize entire internal operations while tightly integrating with all stakeholders involved.

How crucial is big data and internet of things for Softlink in building software for your customers?
Internet of Things can automate information capture in real time. Logi-Sys being pure web based is designed to take advantage of this technology to ensure real time actionable information to take informed decisions or issue alerts, if something goes wrong. Logi-Sys has huge amount of data which can be used to provide artificial intelligence to aid critical decision making, resulting in foresee multiplier effect. These technologies can eliminate human errors while reducing cost. We at Softlink are working on number of projects to ensure that our users can take advantage of these emerging technologies.

Do you think software solution in cloud is the way forward for logistics companies of the future?
In today’s connected world Cloud is the only way to survive in this competitive environment. Biggest advantage of Cloud is that the data can be accessed from anywhere anytime. In this modern time where Data is new oil, availability of information in real time is key to success, Our cloud based next generation application Logi-Sys can provide full information on any device from anywhere. Cloud technology has democratize business environment across globe which ensures that same technology is available to everyone without any bar of size of companies or their geographical location. Cloud also ensures that data can be shared among various business partners seamlessly which ensures better coordination among desperate entities spread across globe.

Where do you see Softlink in the next two years as a cloud logistics solutions provider in the world?
Softlink’s logi-Sys is currently operating in 45+ countries across the world to digitalize the Logistics and Supply Chain operators that bring increased productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. In two years time we see Softlink spread in remaining countries. Among logistics verticals today Softlink is providing services to freight forwarders, custom brokers, warehouse operators, transporters, CFS. In years to come we envisage creating solution for other segments of the industry. We believe in continuously EVOLVING, to ensure that our customers are always ahead of their competitors.

Our exceptional Customer Support is the key differentiator factor that keeps us ahead of the competition. Above all, our employees are pillars for our success which put their relentless services in Research & Development, implementation and support to handhold our clients throughout. Our core values is to impart our employees with the opportunity to grow within the organization where they gain rightful skills, training to always remain updated with the latest technologies.

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