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DRONECO by TSAW Drones targets 10 lakh deliveries in 2023

With 8400+ package deliveries, DRONECO has covered a total distance of 6920+ kms and delivered a cumulative weight of 620+ kgs on 3 routes in West Bengal and Telangana.

DRONECO by TSAW Drones targets 10 lakh deliveries in 2023
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DRONECO, the logistic arm of Drone tech startup TSAW Drones has set a goal to complete over 10 lakh deliveries in 2023.

With a track record of 8400+ package deliveries to date, DRONECO is expanding its reach. DRONECO has covered a total distance of 6920+ kms and delivered a cumulative weight of 620+ kgs.

DRONECO powered by the expertise of TSAW has experienced growth in its delivery operations, exemplified by the increase in monthly package deliveries. Started in November 2022, DRONECO currently running 3 routes in 2 states and effectively completed a total of 8400+ deliveries. Its deliveries growing at 10 percent month-on-month growth rate.

DRONECO is currently serving areas such as Kolkata and Nizamabad and a pilot run is going on the Noida-Meerut (NCR) route. DRONECO aims to extend its delivery services to 2 new states with 2 new routes which include Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

Currently, the brand is witnessing high deliveries from the medical sector delivery and with its outreach approach looking forward to adding e-commerce, Q-commerce, agriculture, and defence deliveries in services. DRONECO’s client roster comprises renowned names in the industry, including Medvolant, TATA 1MG, GIMS, and Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine.

Kishan Tiwari, Co-Founder and CEO of TSAW Drones, stated “We are thrilled to set the bar high and aim for over 1 million deliveries by the end of this year. This ambitious target is a testament to the tremendous growth and success we have achieved thus far.” He added, “At DRONECO, we are driven by the belief that the sky is not the limit, but our launching pad for endless possibilities. With each successful delivery, we are bridging distances, eliminating barriers, and bringing convenience to doorsteps. DRONECO is not only meant to serve as a seamless drone delivery platform; it stands as a gateway to a new era of connectivity. Together, alongside TSAW, we are making the impossible, possible by rewriting the rules of delivery to shape the future of logistics. A future where more cities, more businesses, and more people can rely on our innovative solutions to connect and thrive together.”

At DRONECO, the delivery process begins with securing the necessary permissions based on the designated zones. Local police authorities and Air Traffic Control are notified, and a planned route of operation is established. Operations commence according to the approved time of operation, with take-off and landing times communicated via email to the relevant authorities. In terms of performance, DRONECO has covered an impressive total distance of 6920 kms+ and delivered a cumulative weight of 620 Kgs+.

Safety and efficiency are paramount at DRONECO, which is why the drone logistics company offers special features to enhance the delivery experience. These include real-time decision-making in the event of motor or communication issues, pre-planned flights to minimize delays, and collision avoidance capabilities. The company’s visionary approach, combined with its strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, positions DRONECO as a leader in the rapidly evolving delivery industry.

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