Qatar Airways Cargo launches SecureLift

SecureLift will dedicate resources to cater to the specialised needs of valuable and vulnerable shipments, while maintaining an enhanced standard of security and vigilance.

Qatar Airways Cargo launches SecureLift
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Qatar Airways Cargo has launched its special product SecureLift under its Vision 2027 and Next Generation strategy.

“SecureLift marks a significant milestone for Qatar Airways Cargo as it allocates dedicated resources to cater to the specialised needs of valuable and vulnerable shipments while maintaining an enhanced standard of security and vigilance,” says an official release.

Products having high declared value like precious metals, stones, gold bullions, banknotes, jewellery or watches would fall under the valuable category while commodities that carry a risk of pilferage like high value electronics and newly launched products would fall under the vulnerable category, the release added.

Key features include high loading priority, close monitoring of shipments, inclusion of approved data loggers and shipment escorts in addition to secure handling, transportation and storage of the product. Valuable shipments would also be moved in specialised containers and boxes for protection of the product, and kept in the strong-room with restricted access providing added security, the release said.

"SecureLift embodies our unwavering commitment to meeting the unique needs of our valued customers. This service redefines safety and security standards for high-value and vulnerable shipments, showcasing our dedication to excellence, safety and cutting-edge solutions," says Miguel Rodriguez Moreno, Head of Cargo Products, Qatar Airways.

The temperature inside the strong-room is maintained between 20°C - 25°C. The expert SecureLift team is well trained and plays a pivotal role by adhering to strict security protocols at every stage of the journey.

The cargo carrier transported over 9,000 tonnes of valuable and vulnerable cargo in 2022. The carrier offers an extensive network of more than 150 destinations as part of its scheduled services, and can also provide part or full dedicated charters for SecureLift products to destinations not part of its network, the release added.

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