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Qatar Airways Cargo gets CEIV lithium battery certification

Qatar Airways Cargo has replaced majority of its ULD fleet with Safran’s fire resistant containers

Qatar Airways Cargo gets CEIV lithium battery certification
Qatar Airways Cargo has become the second airline in the world to get the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Lithium Batteries (CEIV-Li-Batt) certification, and Qatar Aviation Services is the first ground handling company to be certified globally.
"The certification aims to improve safety in handling and transportation of lithium batteries throughout the supply chain. Both Qatar Airways and Qatar Aviation Services played a key role in the design and implementation of IATA’s recent CEIV lithium battery programme, and continue to be actively involved in its fine-tuning and adaption," says an official release.
“Passenger and cargo safety is our utmost concern at all times, and we have continuously advocated for proper regulation in the transport of lithium batteries," says Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive, Qatar Airways Group. "We are happy to be the second airline to be certified and we encourage all air industry players to become certified. As an industry, we must focus on active risk prevention and that is achieved through strict regulation, training, and compliance.”
Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo adds: “Lithium batteries play a huge part in our daily life from the toys we buy for our children to the laptops we use every day and the cars we drive to name but a few examples. Yet, they also pose a huge daily risk for air travel and transport: one that Qatar Airways has always highlighted and worked to prevent as best as possible. We are happy to see this now starting to happen with air cargo industry companies voluntarily undergoing CEIV lithium battery certification.
“Our plan now is to work with our global partners, ground handlers, shippers, and freight forwarders, to ensure a solid and common understanding of the risks of moving lithium batteries, and to drive positive change in the industry."
Halleux had urged for faster regulation and compliance adoption concerning lithium batteries at the World Cargo Symposium in Dublin in October 2021, the release said. "Shortly thereafter, Qatar Airways Cargo announced the complete rollover of its 10,000+ ULD fleet to Safran Cabin's newly developed fire-resistant containers (FRC) designed to resist a lithium-based fire for up to six hours. To date, it has already replaced 9,000 of its ULDs, surpassing the 70 percent goal it set itself for 2022, and will continue the exchange process in 2023."
The lithium battery family is IATA’s most recent CEIV certification, and is in line with similar certifications for the handling of pharmaceuticals, perishables, and live animals, the release added.
LATAM Cargo was the first airline to get the CEIV-Li-Batt certification. Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd. (AAT) became the first cargo terminal operator in Hong Kong to attain the CEIV-Li-Batt certification. Hactl became the second cargo terminal in Hong Kong to get this certification and it has all the four CEIV certifications.
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