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Netradyne partners with IndianOil Skytanking

Netradyne's Driver•i system will be integrated into IOSL's vehicle fleet to bolster safety at airports.

Netradyne partners with IndianOil Skytanking
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Netradyne has announced a partnership with IndianOil Skytanking, the provider of jet-fuel management services at airports. As part of this collaboration, Netradyne will offer its flagship platform, Driver•i.

Driver•i by Netradyne is an advanced vision-based system for drivers.It uses smart technology and high-quality cameras to spot dangerous behaviors such as distraction, tiredness, and speeding, helping prevent accidents.

“Today, we operate the biggest jet-fuel storage and plane-fueling operations across 32 airports, and we’re proud to partner with Netradyne, a Make-in-India technology solution that shares our vision for safety and excellence. Our fleets operate in high-risk zones, and our partnership with Netradyne will ensure that our drivers and fleet managers achieve 360-degree safety in our ground operations,” says A.P. Acharya, Sr. Vice President, IOSL.

Managing fuel and refueling services for airlines at busy airports presents special challenges and risks where accuracy and safety are crucial. The collaboration between IndianOil Skytanking (IOSL) and Netradyne prioritises innovation and safety within the aviation industry, mentions the official release.

“In joining hands with IndianOil Skytanking, we are expanding our footprint to enhance driver and fleet safety on our highways and even in highly versatile locations such as airports. This proactive approach not only safeguards the well-being of drivers and ground personnel but also fosters a culture of safety excellence, enhancing the seamless and efficient operations that IOSL is known for,” says Durgadutt Nedungadi, Senior Vice President, Netradyne.

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