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India is gearing up for a major air cargo boom, says ACFI President

On June 24, the Air Cargo Forum India hosted a curtain-raiser for the ACFI Annual Conclave 2024 in New Delhi.

ACFI President Yashpal Sharma addressing the audience during the curtain raiser and press conference at New Udaan Bhavan, New Delhi.

ACFI President Yashpal Sharma addressing the audience during the curtain raiser and press conference at New Udaan Bhavan, New Delhi. 

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The Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) hosted a curtain raiser and press briefing at the New Udaan Bhavan, New Delhi, setting the stage for its Annual Conclave on July 4 2024. The event was marked by an enthusiastic turnout, underscoring the industry's anticipation for a transformative gathering.

Satish Lakkaraju, ACFI Event Management Chairman, started the briefing with an overview of the upcoming conclave's key business sessions and overall agenda. He emphasised the importance of the event in addressing the critical issues facing the air cargo industry. "We have a power-packed schedule aimed at discussing and resolving some of the most pressing challenges in our industry," he stated. He also mentioned that Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu, Indian Minister of Civil Aviation, has promised to be present at the ACFI Conclave 2024 as the Chief Guest.

Transformative agenda for air cargo
ACFI President Yashpal Sharma took the stage next, highlighting several pivotal areas poised to enhance India's air cargo sector significantly. He detailed the extensive preparations underway to position India as a central hub for global air cargo. "India is gearing up for a major air cargo boom," Sharma declared, outlining the strategic planning and measures being implemented to elevate India's standing in the global logistics landscape.

The President emphasised the industry's readiness for transformative changes, citing technological advancements, policy reforms, and innovative logistics solutions as key focus areas for the upcoming conclave. "We are on the brink of landmark changes in the air cargo industry. The conclave will delve into how these changes, coupled with technological innovations, will revolutionise the sector," he explained.

India's global footprint in air cargo
Sharma's address painted an optimistic picture of India's global air cargo market future. He highlighted the significant opportunities that the world sees in India, pointing out the country's promise for businesses and growth. "It's crucial that we showcase India's logistics landscape to the world, demonstrating our readiness to meet the demands of customers both domestically and internationally," he asserted.

He further elaborated on the comprehensive ecosystem India is creating to support this vision. From state-of-the-art airports and airlines to cutting-edge forwarding solutions and express monitoring trucking, India is preparing to handle an anticipated surge in air cargo volumes. "We are creating the best infrastructure, processes, and synergy—both digital and otherwise—to ensure we are ready for the future," he added.

A confident outlook for the future
Sharma expressed confidence in the industry's ability to achieve ambitious growth targets, projecting a significant increase in air cargo volumes. "We are optimistic about reaching 10 million tonnes and beyond. Our belief is solid, and we are committed to creating the necessary support systems to service this growth," he remarked. He acknowledged the scepticism from some quarters but reiterated the collective confidence within ACFI. "None of the board or ACFI members doubt our capacity to achieve this growth," he affirmed.

International interest and collaboration
The curtain raiser also highlighted the strong international interest in India's air cargo sector. The Annual Conclave 2024 will feature an impressive lineup of panellists, including global carriers, terminal operators, and airport representatives from the Western world. Sharma noted that their participation underscores the global community's recognition of India's potential. "The world is looking at India as a driver of economic growth, and we are ready to showcase our capabilities," said Sharma.

A legacy of innovation and excellence
The conclave will also celebrate the achievements of the past 13 years and reflect on the progress made by ACFI and the industry. Sharma acknowledged the contributions of various stakeholders, emphasising the importance of continued innovation and excellence. "The Innovation Awards are a testament to our industry's commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence," he stated.

As the briefing concluded, the excitement for the upcoming conclave was palpable. The ACFI Annual Conclave 2024 promises to be a landmark event, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to chart the future of air cargo in India and beyond. With a robust agenda and a focus on transformative change, the event is set to significantly impact the global air cargo landscape.

ACFI Event Management Chairman Satish Lakkaraju and ACFI President Yashpal Sharma addressing the audience at the DIAL Auditorium, New Udaan Bhavan, New Delhi.

On June 21, 2024, the Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) inaugurated its Goa Chapter at the Goa Chamber of Commerce to enhance the state's logistics and air cargo industry. The Goa Chamber of Commerce launch highlighted Goa's unique multi-modal connectivity, including two airports, an Inland Container Depot, and a marine port. Thakur Purushottam Singh, appointed Chairman of the ACFI Goa Chapter, emphasised boosting economic growth through improved logistics capabilities. The event saw strong support from industry leaders and government officials, signalling a significant advancement for Goa's logistics sector.

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