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IAG Cargo commits to paperless air waybills

Nearly 50% of IAG Cargo customers have already switched to eAWB, with a target to reach 100% by the end of the 2023

IAG Cargo commits to paperless air waybills
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IAG Cargo, the cargo branch of International Airlines Group (IAG), will be charging extra for using paper air waybills (AWB) as part of its push to become digital first. Customers who choose paper AWB when booking cargo shipments will be charged a £10 cost beginning on April 3rd, whilst converting to electronic air waybill (eAWB) is free.

For many years, the air cargo sector depended on paper methods to establish carriage contracts between freight forwarders and airlines. This amounts to about 7,800 tonnes of paper documents handled every year, which is the equivalent of 80 Boeing 747s full of paper!

The eAWB not only provides a more sustainable option, but it also provides its consumers with a smooth end-to-end solution that removes the possibility of human mistake.

David Rose, Chief Transformation Officer, IAG Cargo said, “We are looking to lead the way with our customers worldwide when it comes to delivering a customer proposition that has quality and sustainability at its core. Our commitment to eAWB will see IAG Cargo significantly reducing paper usage through the cargo journey as we move to eAWB usage across our network. eAWB is the first step of many steps in our ambitious destination digital journey, and we are excited to use the data provided to roll out future digital initiatives that will see us become more sustainable and reliable.”

eAWB has been introduced as part of IAG Cargo’s ‘Destination Digital’ strategy to transform the business digitally. With nearly 50% of customers already using eAWB, IAG Cargo is targeting an adoption rate of 100% by the end of 2023.

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