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BLR Airport tops in perishables exports, again

It also secured the number one position for poultry product exports in FY 2023-24, shipping 47,041 tonnes.

BLR Airport tops in perishables exports, again
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Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (KIAB/BLR Airport) announced that it continues to be the No. 1 Airport in India for exporting perishables for the fourth consecutive year with FY 2023-24 recording a total perishable cargo tonnage of 63,188 tonnes, marking 18 percent YoY growth.

“This achievement highlights BLR Airport's significant contribution to India's perishable exports, handling 28% of the country's total perishable cargo. BLR Airport also processed 44% of the south India’s total perishable cargo,” reads the release.

While BLR Airport excels in exporting a variety of perishable goods throughout the year, it secured the number one position for poultry product exports in FY 2023-24, shipping 47,041 tonnes. Additionally, the airport exported 2,050 tonnes of flowers. Overall, poultry, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and flowers emerged as the leading perishable cargo categories.

Satyaki Raghunath, chief operating officer at Bangalore International Airport, added, "We are immensely proud of our consistent and continued growth and leadership in perishable exports in FY 2023-24. This milestone reflects our commitment to excellence in an unbroken cold chain and the trust placed in us by our partners and customers. We have accounted for 44% of the total perishable cargo export share in the South India region, transforming BLR Airport into the premier gateway to South and Central India. Our focus remains on enhancing infrastructure and services to support the growing demand for perishable goods and further solidify our position as a key player in global trade."

The airport's network facilitates seamless transportation of perishable goods to over 100 global destinations, including top markets such as Oman, Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Maldives, UK, and Kuwait. This connectivity not only boosts the export capacity of southern India but also ensures that fresh produce reaches international buyers swiftly and efficiently.

BLR Airport also houses WFS BLR Coolport, India’s first integrated on-airport Perishable Handling Centre with a terminal capacity of 40,000 tonnes. This facility, designed exclusively for perishable cold chain cargo, features on-site regulatory services, including plant and animal quarantine inspections, a drug controller lab, and Indian Customs.

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