Trends that will reshape the logistics industry in 2023

"Since the Central Government initiated the National Logistics Policy, only 13 states have created their own state-specific policies until now. For India to move forward, the state policies must be in line with the national government’s strategic objectives."
Prioritising digitisation in logistics sector
"Truckers can increase their overall efficiency and price competitiveness with the aid of logistics marketplaces, but it is necessary to incorporate automation and technology, like RFID, GPS, warehouse management systems, etc."
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Effective last-mile delivery
"The increasing need for quick delivery has increased its complexity and costs, which has pushed businesses to use the newest technical solutions."
Renewed focus on workforce requirements will boost confidence
"Take the case of commercial vehicle drivers, who need access to planned pit stops, rest areas, hygienic food, medicines, vehicle maintenance, road assistance, minimum wages, driving schedules and ease in getting return loads, higher profit margins, apart from access to financial services."
Sustainable efforts to pave the way
"It will be necessary for the industry to adopt stringent measures and be prepared to accept the changes that have the potential to radically reshape it in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."
Adaptability will help growth
"Due to the vulnerability in the logistics sector, supply chain and logistics leaders will continue to create stronger risk-reduction techniques."
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