3A (Adapt, Automate, Agile): Key for 2023 supply chain

"This trend has some negative impact on direct procurement costs but improves transit time, transportation cost and inventory level favourably. The trend is expected to get further momentum in 2023.
"Among logistics players, the adoption of eclectic vehicles (EVs) will increase in order to reduce carbon emissions, but the infrastructure gap will be a challenge in this direction. The year 2023 will be the year of the fastest adoption of ESG practices."
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"The pace for the adoption of autonomous vehicles and drones will move to a faster lane. We may also see a few pilot steps in advanced technologies like quantum computing in this domain."
"We don’t see any indication of the reduction in organisations’ budget for supply chain infrastructure & capability building."
"With the change in offshoring pattern, improved automation and better infrastructure, there will impact on the global logistics network."
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