March 27, 2023

Very nature of logistics demands more women in the industry

Women inherently possess skills and attitudes that can be very beneficial to a solution-providing and dynamic industry like the supply chain.
Ageing Better on Unsplash
Logistics as an industry has long been male-dominated and always kept women at bay due to many presuppositions and misconceptions. However, there have been attempts and initiatives from logistics companies and associations to disrupt the status quo.
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She thinks that the logistics industry once touted as a male domain, has recognized the benefits of diversity and how it helps in taking the business to the next level.
Kelvin Han on Unsplash
“Logistics is a solution-driven, dynamic industry which is constantly changing. This is why we need people who provide stability and possess skills like empathy, creativity and high emotional intelligence, which are often inherent in women,” she said.
Adrian Sulyok on Unsplash
“The supply chain industry has dappled with so many uncertainties and disruptions, and we have seen the success of women’s empathetic approach toward driving effective communications, developing technologies and nurturing their teams for sustainable growth across the globe. The emotional quotient that women leaders provided in keeping business functional, even during the pandemic, was remarkable, and this is now being recognized,” she said.
CoWomen on Unsplash
“This year, in 2023, we are excited to see more women-led startups in the logistics tech industry and more support for women entrepreneurs. We hope to see more investment and funding opportunities for women-led companies and more recognition of the contributions that women make to the industry and the economy as a whole."
ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash
“Gender gap not only limits the career opportunities for women but also hinders the industry's growth and innovation potential,” she said.
“They bring unique perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, contributing to the overall growth and success of the industry. Women also help promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, leading to better employee morale and retention,” says Sarang.
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