Shipwaves strives to create a virtual silk route for container shipping

Shipwaves strives to create a virtual silk route for container shipping

Nov 29, 2016: What was until now a time consuming, nontransparent and complex experience for exporters and importers, has now been simplified by Shipwaves. This startup from India gives instant ocean freight rates and enables booking of shipments online. Unlike in the past, when shippers had to wait anywhere between four hours and four days to get rates from the highly fragmented freight forwarders market, Shipwaves platform provides comparative quotes from multiple providers in real time. A customised dashboard for shippers gives them access to instant rates for thousands of port pairs worldwide, online booking of shipments, and powerful reports and analytics. Having access to rates upfront helps shippers make faster decisions on their logistics needs. In addition, Shipwaves also offers a customized SaaS solution for supply partners to upload & manage their rate contracts, automated quoting, a module to manage the shipments of the customers and business intelligence tools to help optimize their operations.

According to Athahar Mohammed, co-founder, Shipwaves, “We are enabling businesses to trade internationally by creating the largest online ecosystem of ocean logistics providers. We have built Shipwaves on reliability, efficiency and transparency, and take accountability for cargo booked through our platform. The goal of our technology-backed solution is to eliminate complexities involved in booking freight, identify optimization opportunities in the supply chain and guide businesses to make informed decisions.”

Shipwaves also offers other value added services like Custom Clearance, warehousing, trucking & insurance amongst others to its shippers, in order to reduce their procedural burden and eliminate multi agency coordination. Shipwaves has already engaged with 1000+ shippers in India and abroad since its launch last year.

Shahid Israr, co-founder, Shipwaves, said, “If booking a seat in an airline is possible at the click of a button, the same convenience should be applied to booking cargo as well. Shipwaves is striving to create a virtual silk route for the container shipping industry.”

Shipwaves is currently funded by an angel investor and has operations in major Indian ports - Mumbai, Mundra, Chennai, Tuticorin and Mangalore. The company is looking to scale up its operations taking its footprint to other major port cities across India & globally in the near future.