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Driving business value with end-to-end pharma supply chain visibility

Pharma is poised to be India’s largest export vertical in coming years. Industry estimates suggest that India’s pharma exports could reach heights of $20 billion by 2020. At the moment, the nation exports around $16 billion of pharmaceutical products to 200 countries. Upgrades to the country’s regulatory position have enabled this growth.
The logistics industry is one of the country’s predominant trades attracting 13 percent of GDP spend towards its framework improvement. India’s cold chain management in general, however, is in need of some organizing with lacking infrastructure and disjoined supply chains hindering the market’s growth. Stakeholders need to obtain and increase their accountability to improve the quality and streamlining of operations in pharma.
Some have even noted that a logistics revolution could be on the horizon for India, however, supply chain efficiency is going to be imperative to support this growth and reduce the threat of bottlenecks. And Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) will be critical to growth as the country looks to close the gap between its volume and value levels.
The second edition of Pharma Logistics Summit aims at addressing the key issues plaguing India’s cold chain for the pharma industry and find out what it takes for its supply chain to emerge a winner.
How will you ensure a cost effective, secure, and GDP compliant temperature controlled supply chain with minimal temperature excursions? The answer lies in strong end-to-end supply chain planning complemented by a robust industry stakeholder collaboration and the latest digital tools of industry 4.0.