High-Tech Logistics Conference
Organised by Indian Transport & Logistics News (ITLN)

Date:  November 16, 2017
Venue: J W Marriott, Bengaluru


09.00 to 10.00: Registration

10.00 to 10.05 Welcome

10.05 to 10.30 Opening Remarks/Keynote address
Subject: The digital blue print to your high-tech supply chain

10.30 to 10.45 – Presentation

10.45 to 11.00 – Presentation

11.00 to 11.30 – Networking Break

11.30 to 13.00 – Panel Discussion
Subject:Building an agile global supply chain for India’s high tech manufacturing sector

  • Impact of ‘Make in India’ initiative and increasing FDI inflows into the high-tech manufacturing sector
  • Implementation of GST and its impact on Foreign Trade policy and the export promotion schemes in particular.
  • Export infrastructure and logistics - How prepared is India’s current export infrastructure?
  • Infrastructure at gateway sea and air ports, which affects trade, and their ability to handle exponential growth in high-tech exports
  • Streamlining policies and their implementation; ease of doing business; reducing the logistics cost; speed to market


13.00 to 14.00 – Lunch Break

14.00 to 15.30 – Panel Discussion
Subject: Building intelligence into the high-tech supply chain in the rapidly evolving digital age

  • Exploring the opportunities that digital supply chains enable
  • Enabling the transition to selling services instead of products
  • How connected devices not only create digital supply chains, but also creates and entirely new ecosystems


15.30 to 16.00 – Networking Break

16.00 to 17.30 – Panel Discussion
Subject: The future of logistics and supply chain for the high-tech industry

  • Rapid technological development, unpredictable markets and short product life cycles mean consumer electronics supply chains need to be highly agile
  • How are supply chain managers and logisticians responding to the current and future challenges of the high-tech manufacturing industry?
  • Developing supply chain talent for the future
  • Customers who value reliability and transparency above all else
  • Evolving a supply chain that is collaborative and fully flexible


Vote of thanks

18.00 to 21.00 – Cocktail

*The programme is subject to change