About High-Tech Logistics Summit 2017

In the global high tech industry, the only constant is change. Shortening product life cycles, eroding product prices and globalisation highlight the importance of a cost-effective, flexible and safe supply chain.

High-tech companies today need to achieve faster speed-to-market to reduce losses due to obsolescence. Building an agile supply chain is therefore crucial to the success of any high tech company to achieve prioritised objectives.

Organised by Indian Transport & Logistics News (ITLN), a leading transport and logistics publication from STAT Media Group, HIGH-TECH LOGISTICS SUMMIT 2017 will bring together supply chain managers of high end electronics and software manufacturers and logistics service providers to discuss ideas and share best practices to mutually benefit each other. The summit also provides an opportunity to challenge current practices and innovate to benchmark ourselves to global standards of high-tech supply chain processes. Above all the summit is a perfect occasion to network with the right set of business associates.

What’s in it for me?

  • Access to influential industry professionals
  • Internal and external networking opportunities
  • Unique marketing and brand exposure
  • Opportunity to make valuable contacts and increase sales

Who will attend?

  • Industry Policy Makers & Regulators
  • Supply Chain Heads of
    • High end electronics manufacturers
    • Mobile manufacturers
    • IT hardware and software manufacturers
    • Electronics and electric equipment manufacturers
  • Industry Association Members
  • Logistics Service Providers

For Sponsorship Contact: Dinesh Balan dinesh@itln.in | +91 9769400065 | www.itln.in/htls2017